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The Scribbler

This post, well it has been long since waiting to be posted. I was actually confused whether I should post it or not. But anyway, I think it deserves a read. 🙂

Standing on the doorway stairs,

A wishful stare towards the road.

But long since it has been deserted,

When ages ago you left it with a load.

A burden to be with you still remains,

On this wet rainy day it sinks down.

Deep into a grave you made in my heart,

A longing never rightfully found.

I remember, that winter night.

Standing on this same front door,

Tears streaming down my face,

But you couldn’t hold it anymore.

You said it with a grim face,

I couldn’t get it, it was all like a race.

A last kiss and with it ended a life,

You turned your back, a promise broken.

And shattered into pieces, I stood…

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Rob Cartwright Photography | 2011/12 Photoaday Challenge

I was in town early evening and the sky was looking pretty special so thought I’d revisit the Tradeston Footbridge which I’d recently shot for a slight different treatment of the subject – let me know which you like best!

architecture clyde river tradeston footbridge bridge broomielaw photography modern contemporary wide angle lens hdr blue sky clouds photo glasgow scotland architecture building nikon d700 cartwright

Instragram: @robjbc

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Natural History


Remember that oft-repeated story about the Soviet silver fox experiment?

Every time I mention it, I get a query about where you can get one.

When I first started writing about them, I found that they weren’t exporting them to the United States. They were offered for sale as pets, but there were fears that they would become a mass-produced fad pet– like African hybrid hedgehogs and pot bellied pigs.

Well, now there is a company that is offering them for sale in this country.

I won’t be getting one for two simple reasons.

1. They are a bit costly: $5,950.

2. I live in a state that refuses to offer any permits for pet red foxes. We have had a rabies outbreak in the southeastern part of the state, so the DNR no longer offers permits for pet red or gray foxes, raccoons, or skunks.


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Eating Aloud!

We are cornflakes crazy!! That’s a huge pack! 500 grams. Half a kilogram. One pound??? Maybe. Sorry I don’t do imperial measurements!
I guess the manufacturers know that we Malays love to make various cornflake cookies for Eid, so we only see these huge packs this time of year.

I made a 2nd batch of Chocolate Cornflakes. Now I remembered what I used to called them. CHOCOLATE ROCKS. Now that’s a cool name!

After a little “make-up” of white chocolate and sprinkles, ta-da!

Personally I think the earlier one I did with nonpareils looked better. (Earlier post : Easy Does It)

And hey! Look who decided to make an appearance! It’s my 3-year-old, Marissa. Sweetie, stop eating those!


I will be making another version of these cornflake goodies. Stay tuned!

-hazrock, tired, rock a bye baby… ZzzzZ

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